Sunday, February 11, 2007

Two Historical Poems

The following are two Poems that I wrote

Turntable Revolution

Marat's eyes perched with hate
Look to the guillotine of Robespierre.
Mind Twisted, warbled smile
Idealism incarcerated behind an ancient fortress.

Look behind the walls of power.
The Cult of the Supreme being awakens a vengeance.
Rejection of old values for new.
Reason gone not even justice remains.
They too have died at the cynicism of Concorde.

Wretched revolt
Forgotten is the Peace of Necker.
The king is dead and so is the queen.
Evil turned back
like an Acid Washed sea.
Where lies the providence of Mirabeau
and the silent sanity of Rousseau ?

Gambetta's Balloon

A balloon rose over Paris
Crowded with the bodies of three men.
Into the air it swaggered.
Above the Prussian guns.
Bringing news to the people.

Let the Marseilles ring out loud
Brave Frenchmen all is not lost.
The Carolingian heart will run free.

For in the rancid back alleys of the city's bedeviled left bank
Rises the voice of students.
Children of the Commune.
Burn down the Bonapartists and Bismarck's battalions too.
Let a new power take hold
to exorcise the Gothic curse.

Sweeping through Hausmann
past the artists of Montmartre
the new Republic strives to survive
the nation's third but not its last.

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