Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another Quiz on World War II - The Early Years

The Second World War

1. This man became head of the Vichy Government on July 11, 1940. Who was he?
2. At which town did the French sign an armstice with Germany in June 1940?
3. Between which days were the Allied forces evacuated from Dunkirk?
4. Which two Welsh cities were bombed by the Germans to start off The Battle of Britain?
5. August 13, 1940 is known by another name when discussing The Battle of Britain. What is this name?
6. These weapons of war were responsible for the so-called ‘Happy Time’. What were they?
7. This is also known as Phase 4 of The Battle of Britain. By which name however is it more commonly called?
8. What did the Germans aim Phase 2 of The Battle of Britain at?
9. What was the codename for the planned German invasion of Britain?
10. Which three countries signed the Tripartite Pact on the September 27, 1940?
11. Which African Territory did Italy attack on August 4, 1940?
12. What did the U.S. agree to give Britain in September 1939 in exchange for bases?
13. This European Country refused to join the Axis, at a meeting held on October 23, 1940.
What was this Country?
14. Where did Hitler and Mussolini meet on October 4, 1940?
15. Which Country did Italy attack in October 1940?

Answers to The Second World War

1. Henri P├ętain.
2. Compiegne
3. Between May 26th and June 23, 1940.
4. Cardiff and Swansea. The Germans attacked the docks of these cities; beginning of Phase 1 of The Battle of Britain.
5. Eagle Day or Adlertag. Germany iniated a high intensity bombing campaign to weaken the RAF. Beginning of Phase 3 of The Battle of Britain.
6. The U-Boats that plagued the North Atlantic.
7. The London Blitz. Phase 1 of The Battle of Britain was the attack on the docks.
8. Allied shipping in the English Channel.
9. Operation Sea Lion.
10. Germany, Russia, and Italy.
11. British Somaliland. They attacked from Ethiopia.
12. Destroyers
13. Spain
14. The Brenner Pass.
15. Greece. The Italians sent 10 divisions into Greece, but were not successful.

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