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100 Milestones in Human History pre-350 BCE

Modern Man develops in Africa. Mass Migration out of Africa
Development of Early weapon – the Spear.
Modern Man reaches Europe and Asia
Modern Man reaches North and South America
The End of the Ice Age
Development of Early musical instruments flutes.
The End of the Stone Age (Neolithic Period)
Cattal Hayuk Civilization in Turkey.
The Agricultural Revolution. Domestication of Animals and Early Crops/
Development of the earliest towns in Mesopotamia.
Priest hierarchies dominate Mesopotamian society.
Invention of the Wheel in Mesopotamia.
Mesopotamians develop Cuneiform.
Menes unites Upper and Lower Egypt. Beginning of First Dynasty.
Polynesians reach South America and New Zealand.
Indus River Civilization develops. First Vedas.
Longshan Culture in China. Civilization on Yellow River.
Olmec Civilization in Central America
Abraham develops monotheism.
Nazca Civilization in South America
Birth of the Bronze Age
Writing of the Epic of Gilgamesh - Mesopotamia
Egyptian develop Hieroglyphics
Hittites replace Hatti as dominant civilization in Asia Minor .Build Empire based on Iron (so-called Iron Age)
Minoan Civilization develops on Crete. Colonizes Eastern Mediterranean.
Jomon Culture in Japan.
Beaker Culture in Europe. Construction of Stonehenge.
Rise of the Shang in China. End of the Xsia. Bone Writing comes to the forefront.
Sargon I builds Akkadian centered Empire.
Growth of Elam power base in Mesopotamia.
Old Babylonian Kingdom. Hammurabi writes first Law Code.
Old Kingdom in Egypt sees the Era of the Pyramids – First Step then Great.
Egyptians develop calendar to track the flooding of the Nile.
First Japanese Emperor – possible mythology.
Rise of Giordian city state in Asia Minor.
First Intermediate Period in Egypt History. Beginning of Middle Kingdom.
Aryan invasion of India drives Dravidian culture to Deccan Plateau
Earliest Proofs in Mathematics (Theorem of Pythagoras).
Beginning of Caste System in India.
Sea People raid Mediterranean Coast (possible ancestors of Philistines)
Middle Kingdom ends in Egypt with Hyksos invasion. Chariots introduced.
Hurrians and Assyrians weaken Hittite Empire.
Zhou Dynasty flourishes in China.
Beginning of New Kingdom in Egypt.
Akhenaton introduces monotheism in Egypt (together with Nefertiti)
Return to Polytheism under Tutankhamen
Exodus from Egypt of Hebrews. Giving of the Torah.
Hebrew invasion of the Land of Canaan. Canaanite civilization in decline.
Reign of Military Queen Hatshepsut in Egypt.
Reign of Ramases II. Egypt reaches great expansion.
Battle of Kadesh. Egyptians v Hittites. Ends in stalemate.
Period of Judges in Hebrew History. eg. Deborah (Barak), Gideon.
Assyrians dominate Mesopotamia (following weakening of Hittites).
Babylonians popularize Base 60 Mathematics.
Beginning of United Kingdom Period in Hebrew History.
Myceneans overthrow Minoans to dominate Greek Mainland.
War between Greeks and the Trojans
Kingdoms of Lydia (Asia Minor) and Media develop in the Middle East
Phoenicians find Carthage. Colonize Cyprus. Develop Alphabet for trading.
King David defeats the Philistines.
David makes Jerusalem the Hebrew capital.
Solomon builds the First Temple.
Contact between Hebrews and Africa through Queen of Sheba and Solomon.
Etruscans dominate Northern Italy.
Founding of the city of Rome. (First King Romulus).
New Kingdom in Egypt bought down by Libyan Invasion.
Latins occupy modern Italy.
Nubian Kingdom grows in power in Africa.
Breakup of Hebrew Kingdom into Judea and Israel.
Bantu Migration across Africa. Re-distribution of populations.
Era of Assyrrian growth under Ashurbanipal, Ashurnasirpal, Sennecherib, Sargon II, Essarhadon. Assyrian Empire centered around Nineveh, Caleh, Ashur dominates Mid East.
Assyrians Conquer Israel Beginning of the Ten Lost Tribes Episode.
Ancient Civilizations Flourish in SE Asia. Vietnam. Laos, Cambodia, Thailand.
Etruscans dominate early Roman kingdom.
Collapse of Mycenean Kingdom in Greece. Beginning of Greek Dark Ages.
Greek colonists settle Ionia and Italy.
Etruscans driven out. Rome becomes a Republic.
Scythians dominate Steppes of Europe.
Babylon defeats Assyria to become dominant power in Middle East.
First Temple destroyed by the Babylonians. Beginning of the Exile.
Babylonians defeat and conquer Egypt.
Building of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar.
Persians unite Medians and Lydians under their control.
Beginning of Zoroastrian Religions.
Cyrus founds Archemenid Dynasty. Defeats Babylon.
Jews permitted to return home to Judea
Ionian Philosophy Schools flourish in Miletus.
Pythagorean philosophy school flourishes.
Beginning of Greek City state Era. End of Dark Ages.
Cambyses brings Egypt under Persian control.
Reign of Persian King Darius I. Beginning of Ionian Rebellion against Persia.
Birth of the Cult of Mitras.
Important Battles of Greek-Persian Wars fought: Marathon, Thermopylae. Salamis, Plateae. Greek victory. Xerxes I finds himself on losing side.
First History by Herodotus (Persian Wars)
Sparta and Athens fight the Peloponessian Series of Wars. Sparta wins.
Thucydides documents wars history.
Athenian Trio dominate Greek Philosophy
Greeks use Optics to advance Geometry.
Age of Pericles in Athens
Rome consolidates hold on Italian. War against Latin States, Samnites, Sabines, Etruscans, Greek City States.


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