Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ancient History: Thinking Questions

Thinking Type Questions

1.What is a civilization?
2. Why was agriculture so important? How did it transform society?
3. Why was the Sumerian Civilization so successful?
4. What commonalities did the Egyptian and Sumerian Civilizations share?
5. How does codified law change society?
6. How did the Phoenicians benefit from the use of an alphabet?
7. Why did the Assyrian civilization collapse?
8. What was the overall weakness of polytheism? Why would monotheism eventually succeed in the West and Near East?
9. What is a barbarism? How can we identify barbarisms?
10. Show how the statement ‘diversity is the strength of a civilization’ is true in the scope of the ancient world?
11. Argue the point: It is inevitable that agriculture gives birth to industry.
12. In the Ancient world – how has history changed as a result of the maxim ‘might is right’?

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