Friday, February 9, 2007

An Assortment of Ancient Greece Questions

(Any History teacher is free to use these questions. Enjoy!!!)
- Useful for Knowledge and Understanding

What are the main geographical regions of Greece?
What seas surround Greece?
What islands have played an important role in Greek history?
Who were the Minoans?
Why did the Minoan civilization collapse?
Are the Minoans related to the Atlanteans?
Where did the Mycenae come from?
What was their main city?
How did they differ from the Minoans?
From which civilization did the Greeks borrow their alphabet?
Why is the Greek Dark Ages called a such?
Who were the Dorians?
Who was Homer?
Who was Hesiod?
Where did philosophy begin?
Who were the Titans?
Who were the Olympians?
Which were the leading Greek City State?
How did Athens differ from Sparta?
Who was Lycurgus?
Why did the Persian Wars break out?
What were the leading battles of the Persian War?
Who was Phidippides?
Why did the Greeks lose at Thermopylae?
What was a Trieme?
How did democracy manifest itself in Greece?
Who was Heraclitus?
Who was Empedocles?
Who was Democritus?
Who were the Pythagoreans?
Who was Euclid?
What parts of the Mediterranean were colonized by the Greeks?
What was Sappho known for?
What was the Classic Age?
How were women treated in Ancient Greece?
What was the importance of Solon?
Who was Pericles?
Who was Aristophanes?
Who are the three Fathers of Greek drama?
What was a hoplite?
Who was Hyppatia?
What was the Delian League?
Why is Thucydides regarded as a better historian than Herodotus?
What was the Pelopenessian War? How was it decided?
Who were the Thirty Tyrants?
Why did Sparta decline?
Who was Cleisthenes?
Who were the sophists?
Which three philosophers were known as the Athenian trio?
Who was the Father of Medicine?
Who were the leading names in Greek Science?
What were the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?
What three types of architectural columns are associated with Ancient Greece?
What buildings sit on top of the Acropolis?
What Sports were competed for in the Olympic Games?
Who was Philip II of Macedonia?
How did Philip unite Greece?
How did Philip die?
What age did Alexander succeed Philip?
Who was Alexander’s influential mother?
Which Persian king was Alexander’s chief rival?
What were Alexander’s three greatest battles against the Persians?
What Ancient Mesopotamian city did Alexander intend on becoming his capital?
What city did Alexander found in Egypt?
Which high priest was Alexander alleged to have bowed to?
Who was Buccephalus?
What values did Alexander export to his Empire?
How much territory did Alexander conquer?
Who was Alexander’s wife?
Who did Alexander defeat at the Battle of Hydaspes River?
Why did Alexander turn back after conquering parts of India?
How was Alexander’s Empire divided after his death?
How long did it take Alexander to set up his Empire?
Who was his most famous male lover?
What was the significance of the Hellenic Age?
Who were the Ptolemaics?
Who were the Seleucids?
In what way did the Greeks clash with the Carthaginians?
How did the Art of the Hellenic Period differ from that of the Classical Age?
When did the Romans conquer Greece?
Who were the Stoics?
Who were the Neo-Platonists?
How did Christianity reach Ancient Greece?

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