Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Second World War - Early Days Quiz

1. What was the exact date that Germany invaded Poland ?
2. Which country presented territorial demands to Finland on the 11th October 1939 ?
3. Where was the Graf Spee scuttled in December 1939 ?
4. What were the two most common types of U-Boats used by the Germans in the Battle of the Atlantic ?
5.What was the name of the Treaty signed between the Soviets and the Germans in September 1939 ?
6. This man served as a Field Marshal of the Finnish Army. After the war he became its President. Who was he ?
7.This American Secretary of State went to Europe in Early 1940 with the hope of negotiating an end to the war. Who was he ?
8. What was the name of the British-Polish team that broke Germany's 'Enigma' code ?
9. What is the portion of the war following the defeat of Poland more commonly known as ?
10. Which Northern European country fell to Germany in April 1940 ?
11. This General is often considered the Father of 'Blitzkrieg'. Who was he ?
12. Which Dutch city was bombed into near oblivion in May 1940 in an attempt to weaken the Allied will ?
13. This individual gave his name to a word that is now synonymous with being a traitor. Who was he ?
14. What did the initials BEF stand for ?
15. Which Navy sank the French Warships at Mers El Kebir in Algeria ?

Answers to The Second World War - Early Days

1. 1st September 1939
2. The Soviet Union
3. Montevideo Harbour by its Captain Hans Langdorff following the Battle of River Plate.
4. The Type VII and the Type IX
5. The Treaty of Friendship
6. Baron Carl Gustaf von Mannerheim
7. Sumner Welles
8. The 'Ultra' Team. The breaking of the Enigma code would allow the Allies to read much of the German radio correspondence concerning operation strategy.
9. The Phony War
10. Denmark
11. General Heinz Guaderian.
12. Rotterdam
13. Vidkun Quisling - who headed Germany's puppet government in Norway
14. British Expeditionary Force
15. The British Navy. They didn't want the ships to fall into German hands.

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