Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Remember the 1990s

Try this Quiz...Answers below.

1. This went into its fourth month by January 1996. What was it?
2. This Commerce Secretary was killed in a plane crash on April 3, 1996. Who was this man?
3. From which Country is UN Secretary General Kofi Annan?
4. The City of Kabul fell to this group in 1996. Who were they?
5. In a cemetery in which Country did a bomb kill 13 people on November 10, 1996?
6. He was elected as Israeli Prime Minister on May 31, 1996. Who was this man?
7. A mid-air collision killed 342 people in which Country on November 12, 1996?
8. This Country announced an end to nuclear testing on January 29, 1996. Which Country was this?
9. On January 16, 1997, Israel agreed to give up a large portion of this West Bank City. Which City was this?
10. What did the U.S., UK, and France agree to freeze on February 3, 1997?
11. How old was the Chinese Leader Deng Xiaoping at his death? To the nearest 2 years.
12. Where in Egypt were 62 people killed at a tourist site on November 17, 1997?
13. This Country fell into a state of anarchy after many in the population lost life savings as a result of a failed pyramid scheme. Which Country was this?
14. What was reported to be 4.8 % in June 1997?
15. This American Politician was found guilty of ethics violations on January 17, 1997. Who was this man?

Answers to the 1990s (IV)

1. The U.S. Budget Crisis.
2. Ronald Brown.
3. Ghana
4. The Taliban.
5. In Russia.
6. Benjamin Netanyahu.
7. India
8. France
9. Hebron
10. Nazi Gold Loot.
11. 92
12. In Luxor.
13. Albania
14. The U.S. Jobless Rate. It was the lowest since 1973.
15. Newt Gingrich. The man who had masterminded the Republican Revolution in The House of Representatives since 1994

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