Friday, February 9, 2007

The Bill Clinton Presidency

These are the twenty + issues that in my opinion most define his presidency.
(not in order of importance)

1. The slaying of the budget deficit. More Congress than Clinton.
2. The Technological and Economic boom of the 1990s. Although not much of this phenomenon should be credited to Clinton (and no Al Gore did not invent the internet).
3. Resolution of the Bosnian and Kosovo Crises.
4. Diplomatic success in Haiti. The Toppling of the military regime with minimal violence.
5. Political, social and human failure in Rwanda and Somalia.
6. The Monica Lewinsky Debacle and Clinton’s subsequent impeachment.
7. Failure to solve the Health Care Problem (Too much of a conflict of interest having Hilary run the show).
8. Another tulip frenzy - this time its called the ‘phenom’ later the crisis.
9. Al-Qaeda comes to the fore with the bombing of two US embassies in Africa.
10. Failure to ratify anti-landmine treaty.
11. The Don’t-ask-Don’t-tell compromise for gays in the military.
12. Ratifying Kyoto. Too bad that Bush did an about-face on this.
13. The sickness of the Japanese economy.
14. A Bill Clinton clone - Tony Blair becomes PM in the UK.
15. India and Pakistan were at loggerheads (once again) as each went ahead with irresponsible muscle-flexing missile testing projects.
16. Collapse of the dictatorship in Indonesia (world’s 5th most populous country).
17. Asian Economic Flu.
18. Introduction of the Euro in the Old World.
19. Cloning with adult cells of a sheep called Dolly. Human cloning becomes a possible reality.
20. AIDS upswing on the rise especially in Africa.
21. The North Korean Safe Nuclear Technology debacle - Will we pay the price for this in the future?

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