Sunday, February 4, 2007

50 Important Events in American History

In the opinion of the Lonelythinker (in order of importance? I'll let the reader be the judge).

1.Establishment of original 13 colonies in America
2. Declaration of Independence
3. The Events of the American Revolution
4. The Events of the US Civil War
5. Mass Immigration to the country in the late 19th and early 20th century
6. Opening up of the West.
7. The Granting of Freedom to the Slaves
8. Drafting of the Constitution
9. Drafting of the Bill of Rights
10. 19th Amendment grants women the right to vote
11. House of Burgess Formed
12. John Marshall ensures future role of the Supreme Court in Mayberry vs Madison decision
13. Completion of Nationwide railway. The Louisiana Purchase.
14. Massacre of the native Indian Population
15. First English colony set up at Jamestown in the 17th century
16. Formation of US Central Bank
17. Collapse of the Stock Market - Black Friday October 1929. Start of Great Depression
18. Civil Rights Laws are signed into effect by Lyndon Johnson
19. Roosevelt implements the New Deal
20. Growth of Hollywood in the early 19th century
21. State gains right to decide on Capital Punishment
22. Puritans land at Plymouth Rock
23. Roger Smith finds Religious tolerant colony in Rhode Island
24. First manned landing on the Moon
25. US involvement in World War II
26. James Polk's policy of Manifest Destiny
27. The American-Mexican War
28. Atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
29. US involvement in World War I
30. Events of the Vietnam War
31. Anti-Communist McCarthy Witch Hunt
32. American-Spanish War
33. Events of the War of 1812
34. Assassination of president John F Kennedy
35. American Federation of Labour formed
36. Events of the Korean War
37. Theodore Roosevelt clamps down on uncontrolled laissez-faire capitalism
38. Prohibition and The Roaring 20s Era
39. Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
40. US purchases Alaska from Russia
41. Us takeover of Florida from Spain in 1819.
42. General George Custer's Last stand at Little Big Horn
43. US moves off the gold standard
44. Acquisition from Britain of Washington and Oregon
45. Declaration of Texas Republic
46. Opening up of Oklahoma
47. US environmental movement is kickstarted by Bronson Pinochet
48. Setting up of the Borders with Canada during Tyler Presidency.
49. Californian Gold Rush in 1848
50. 911


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KidDionysus said...

#12. Marbury v. Madison *

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