Friday, February 9, 2007

Grade 11 History Test

The following is an example of a Grade 11 History test that I administered several years ago.

Israelites and India

In what ways does Hinduism differ from Judaism? (5)

What is the function of the Bodhisattva? (1)

Which person/deity is being described below:

Macedonian Greek conquered parts of India
Reformed Buddhist King known for his building projects
He drove the Greeks out of India
The Hindu preserver god
A wise king he built the first Temple in Jerusalem
The First Hebrew Patriarch
He led the Israelities out of Egypt (7)

Name the following terms from the clue given:

Jewish book of Mysticism
In Hebrew it means to ‘Repair the World’
Period of Jewish History after the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans
Most Important Hindu Book
Buddhist term for Enlightenment
Ultra-Pacifist Buddhists
The Second Highest Caste (7)

What is the difference between dharma and kharma? (2)

How does Mahayana Buddhism differ from Therevada Buddhism? (3)

Why has ethical monotheism been such a powerful force in world history? (2)

Write a mini-essay. Three paragraphs (+mini intro + conclusion) describing the major events that shaped Hebrew History from 3000BC to 100AD? Be as specific as possible. (12)

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