Saturday, March 17, 2007

St Patrick's Day Ireland Quiz

Irish History

1. What was the name of the people who settled Ireland between 600 and 150 BC?
2. What was the tuatha?
3. Which people attacked Ireland between 800-850 AD?
4. Which English Monarch encouraged settlement of Ireland in the 1550s?
5. Why did many Irish chieftains flee the country in 1607?
6. Which immigrants bought land in the 17th Century at six pence per acre?
7. To which British colonies did Cromwell order many Irishmen and women to be transported to as labour?
8. What did the Treaty of Limerick signed in 1691 penalize?
9. A decline in which material trade spurred Irish immigration to the U.S. between 1772 and 1777?
10. True or False: The Irish formed between a third to a half of all patriots in the American Revolutionary War?
11. Which Irish Society uprising was destroyed by the British in 1798?
12. What hit Ireland between 1840-1850?
13. Which organization was founded in 1850 to fight for fair rent, fixity of tenure and free sale?
14. Who was deprived of property and authority by The Disestablishment Act of 1869?
15. In which year did Ireland become a free country independent of Britain?

Answers to Irish History

1. A Celtic people known as ‘The Gaels’.
2. Petty kingdoms which dominated Ireland between the 7th Century BC and the 5th Century AD.
3. The Vikings.
4. Mary Tudor.
5. They were nor prepared to live under an administration where they were largely nobles as opposed to petty kings.
6. Scottish Immigrants.
7. The West Indies.
8. Public worship for Catholics and Presbyterians. It was reversed by the Emancipation Act of 1829.
9. The Linen Trade.
10. True. Including 1492 officers and 26 generals.
11. Society of United Irishmen.
12. The Great Famine. 1,000,000 Irish left Ireland, of which 80% came to the U.S.
13. The Tenant-Right League.
14. The Irish Church.
15. 1948

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