Monday, March 5, 2007

The European Dark Ages Quiz

1. When was Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor?
2. What is the common name for Charlemagne’s Dynasty?
3. Which city was Charlemagne’s capital?
4. Which of the following people were not an enemy of Charlemagne: Muslims (in Spain), Lombards, Saxons or the Vandals?
5. Who was Charlemagne’s father?
6. In which battle did his ancestor Charles Martel defeat the Muslims?
7. Who was Charlemagne’s successor?
8. Which treaty ended the war between his grandsons?
9. What developed at Cluny?
10. Which grandson of Charlemagne would become King of France proper?
11. Which two other grandsons were his chief rivals?
12. What was the name of the First Norse leader to set up a colony in Normandy?
13. Who was the first Saxon King of Rome?
14. Into what four regions was England divided into c.850 AD?
15. Which English King set up the Royal Navy?

Answers to European Dark Ages

1. 800 AD.
2. Carolingian
3. Aachen (Aix-La Chapelle).
4. Vandals
5. Pepin the Short.
6. Poitiers (Tours).
7. Louis I the Pious.
8. The Treaty of Verdun.
9. A monestery that would eventually give rise to the Clunician order.
10. Charles the Bald.
11. Lothair and Louis the German.
12. Rollo
13. Egbert
14. Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia and Wessex.
15. Alfred the Great.

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