Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The American Civil War

25 Most Important Events of the American Civil War and its Lead up (not in chronological order but in order of Importance - most to least)

1. The Slave trade in the American Colonies
2. Emancipation Proclamation
3. Establishment of the Mason-Dixon Line
4. Dredd-Scott Decision
5. Creation of the Underground Railroad
6. Abraham Lincoln becomes President
7. Publication of Harriet Beecher Stowe's 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'
8. Battle of Gettysburg and the subsequent Gettysburg Address
9. The Missouri Compromise
10. The Fighting in Bloody Kansas
11. Abraham Lincoln versus Frederick Douglas Debates
12. The Wilmot Proviso
13. Secession of South Carolina
14. Formation of the Confederacy (11 states)
15. Attack on Fort Sumter by Confederate Troops
16.Bloody Battle of Antietam ends in stalemate
17. Robert E. Lee is placed in command of Virginian Army
18. Sherman's march to the coast. Includes the Burning of Atlanta
19. Union boycott of Southern shipping
20. Grant is appointed Union Army chief
21. Victory for the Union at Vicksburg
22. Southern Victories at the Battles of Bull Run, Chancellorville and Fredericksburg
23. Surrender of Robert E. Lee's forces at Appomattox
24. Anti-slavery activist Jim Brown attacks Harper's Ferry
25. Death of Southern general Stonewall Jackson

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