Friday, March 30, 2007

Early 1980s Quiz

The 1980s

1. In which Country was a report released linking 962 people to a secret Masonic lodge known as P2?
2. This man tried to assassinate Pope John Paul II in 1981. Who was he?
3. Senegal and Gambia united to form a Confederation known by which name?
4. Who led the PASOK Party to power in Greece?
5. Argentina invaded but failed to hold onto the Falkland Islands which by June 14, 1982 and were back in British hands. What is the Aregentinian name for these Islands?
6. Israel returned this Territory to Egypt in accordance with The Camp David Agreement. Which area was this?
7. Who replaced Alexander Haig as Secretary of State?
8. President Reagan extended Soviet Sanctions to West European companies associated with this project in the Soviet Union. What was this project?
9. Israel occupied these two important cities in Southern Lebanon in 1982. Which two cities were they?
10. He became Polish Prime Minister in 1981. Who was he?
11. This man became King of Saudi Arabia in 1982. Who was he?
12. Which Party did Felipe Gonzalez lead to power in Spain in 1982?
13. In which City was Harold Washington elected Mayor in 1983?
14. This Party gained its first seats in the German Parliament in 1983 despite a victory by Hemut Kohl and the Christian Democrats. Which Party was this?
15. How many U.S. Marines were killed in a single suicide Shiite attack during October 1983 (to the nearest 20)?

Answers to The 1980s

1. Italy. It forced the resignation of Italian Premier Arnoldo Forlani.
2. Mehmet Ali Agca.
3. Senegambia
4. Andreas Papandreou.
5. The Malvinas.
6. The Sinai Peninsula.
7. George Shultz.
8. The Siberian Oil Pipeline.
9. Tyre and Sidon.
10. General Wojciech Jaruzelski. His introduction of Martial Law in Poland in response to Solidarity activity most likely saved the country from a Russian invasion.
11. Prince Fahd.
12. The Socialists.
13. Chicago
14. The Green Party.
15. 242

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