Tuesday, March 27, 2007

FDR Quiz

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

How much do you know about FDR? Beware these are not easy!

1. Where was Franklin Delano Roosevelt born? Give the City and the State.
2. Which Law School did he attend?
3. Which position did he hold between 1913 and 1920?
4. In which year did he become stricken with polio?
5. Who did Roosevelt support for Governor of New York in 1924?
6. Who nominated FDR as his running mate in 1920?
7. Which State was his defeated 1936 presidential opponent Alfred Landon from?
8. Who did FDR defeat for the presidency in 1940?
9. Who was FDR’s Secretary of the Interior?
10. Who was his Secretary of the Treasury from 1934 onward?
11. What was FDR’s wife’s maiden name?
12. What did Roosevelt shelve in 1942 in an effort to win the cooperation of business in the war effort?
13. Who was FDR’s running mate in 1932?
14. What did FDR die of?
15. Where did he die?

Answers to Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1. Hyde Park, New York.
2. Columbia Law School.
3. Assistant Secretary of the Navy.
4. 1921
5. Alfred E. Smith.
6. James M. Cox.
7. Kansas
8. Wendell Wilkie.
9. Harold Ickes.
10. Henry Morgenthau Jr.
11. Roosevelt (as well).
12. The New Deal.
13. John N.Garner.
14. A cerebral hemorrhage.
15. Warm Springs, Georgia.

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