Thursday, March 29, 2007

25 Most Important Events in Canadian History

More about my adopted country...

1. John Cabot lands in Newfoundland.
2. Native Canadians cross Bering straits to settle Canada.
3. Jacques Cartier explores Eastern Canada.
4. French colonies set up in Montreal and Quebec. Acadians colonize the Maritimes.
5. Wolfe's British forces defeat Montacalm's French forces on the Plain's of Abraham.
6. Birth of Confederation in 1867 (British North American Act).
7. Canada becomes a Dominion after the Statute of Westminster is signed into law.
8. Women win the right to vote.
9. Completion of Trans-Canadian Railways.
10.Louis Riel's unsuccessful rebellion against the British authorities and his subsequent trial.
11. Canadian forces take Vimy Ridge during the First World War.
12. The Great Depression.
13. Events of World War II (includes the disaster at Dieppe and the success at D-Day).
14. Royal Canadian Mounted Police is formed.
15. Homesteaders settle Western Provinces of Canada.
16. Charter of Rights and Freedoms becomes law in 1982.
17. Establishment of Official Billingualism in Canada during the Trudeau years.
18. The Maritimes fall into English hands after Queen Anne's War. Expulsion of French populace from Nova Scotia To the United States.
19. Formation of the PQ and the resurgence of Quebecois Nationalism.
20. War of 1812. The US is repelled in their invasion of Canada.
21. The Prime Ministership of Wilfred Laurier. In my opinion Canada's greatest Prime Minister.
22. Newfoundland agrees to join the Canadian Federation in 1949.
23. The Winnipeg General Strike.
24. Discovery of Gold in the Yukon.
25. Signing of the NAFTA agreement with the US and Mexico.


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Is there a Rational for these choices?

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