Saturday, March 24, 2007

Some History Books Worth Reading

As a frequent reader of History - I can vouch for the following as excellent reads:
(I am one of those few nutcases who gets lost in a reference book).

British History

A Brief History of British Sea Power - David Howarth
Dictionary of British History - J.P. Kenyon
Scotland's Story - Tommy Steel
The Saxon and Norman Knights - Christopher Brooke
The Plantagenets - John Harvey
The Tudors - Chrisopher Morris
The Stuarts - J.P. Kenyon
The First Four Georges - J.H. Plumb
Hanover to Windsor - Roger Fulford
Winston Churchill's - Four Volume Series on the History of the English Speaking Peoples
The Three Edwards - Thomas Costain
Kings and Queens - Paul Cheshire
English Social History - G. M. Trevelyan

European History

The Folio Societies - 5 Part Series on the Middle Ages - The Making of the Middle Ages, The Birth of the Middle Ages, The Crucible of the Middle Ages, The High Middle Ages, The Waning of the Middle Ages.

The Spanish Inquisition - Henry Kamen
The Black Death - Philip Ziegler
Europe - A History - Norman Davies
Ilustrated History of Europe - Frederic Delouche
Chronicle of the French Revolution - Chronicle Publications
Napoleon - Felix Markham
A Brief History of the Crusades - Geoffery Hindley
Galileo Galilei - Michael White
A History of the Middle Ages - Sidney Painter
East and Central Europe between the Wars - Joseph Rothchild
Modern Times - Paul Johnson
Russian Studies - Leonard Schapiro
Da Vinci Code Decoded - Martin Lunn
Dictionary of History - R.J. Unstead

Coming soon - Some reads on World History.......

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