Saturday, June 21, 2008

Disasters Quiz

Name or describe the disaster from the date given:

1. January 28, 1986.
2. March 27, 1977.
3. May 6, 1937.
4. April 15, 1911.
5. February 6, 1958.
6. December 21, 1987.
7. Which river flooded its banks killing 900,000 people in October 1887?
8. Which type of disaster struck Hong Kong on September 18, 1906?
9. What was the name of the hurricane that hit Central America in late 1998, causing 9745 deaths?
10. Why is Chelabinsk, Russia notorious?
11. What did 1426 people die in Saudi Arabia of in a 1991 disaster?
12. What happened in Ramstein, Germany on August 28, 1988?
13. This European city is the largest city at present to be threatened by a volcano?
14. This Asian country has the worst road fatality rate. What is it?
15. Two hundred and twenty-two people died in Sinceljo, Colombia when a stand collapsed. What sport were the people watching?

Answers to Disasters
1. Explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger 51L.
2. Collision of two Boeing 747, one operated Pan Am the other by KLM on the runway at Los Rodeos Airport, Canary Islands. Five hundred and eighty-three people were killed. This is the largest air accident of all-time.
3. Hindenburg Airship Disaster.
4. The S.S. Ttitanic sunk.
5. Munich Air Disaster. A plane carrying the Manchester United Soccer Team and reporters crashes.
6. Ferry Dona Paz collided with the tanker Victor off the Philippines coast. In the worst ferry disaster ever.
7. The Yellow River.
8. A typhoon with winds up to 100 mph. Ten thousand people died.
9. Hurricane Mitch.
10. It is the most radioactive place on Earth. There have been three nuclear disasters in this area.
Five hundred thousand people in the region have been affected by radiation equivalent to Chernobyl.
11. A mass panic stampede in a tunnel between Mecca and Medina.
12. An airplane disaster at an air show. Three Italian jets collided, one jet exploded killing 70 people and injuring 400.
13. Naples
14. India. It has 1% of the world’s roads but 6% of its accidents.
15. Bullfighting (if it is indeed a sport).

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