Sunday, June 15, 2008

1980s Quiz #2

1. In which Country did Joaquim Chissano become President in 1986?
2. This Company overtook Exxon as the largest corporation in the world in 1986. Which Company was this?
3. A government report in 1986 indicated that a hydrogen bomb was accidentally dropped near this City in New Mexico in 1957. Due to a stroke of luck nothing happened. Which City was this?
4. What are the English words for ‘glasnost’ and ‘perestroika’?
5. Troops from this Country entered West Beirut in 1987 to end warfare between the Druze and the Shiite militia. Which Country was this?
6. For whom did the U.S. Senate approve $40 million in aid in 1987?
7. This American Ship was hit by two Iraqi exocets in 1987. What was the name this Ship?
8. He landed a Cessna aircraft in Red Square, Moscow in 1987. Who was this man?
9. Why did Ronald Reagan visit Berlin in 1987 (during which he asked Mikhael Gorbachev to tear down the wall)?
10. In which Region of India was Direct Rule imposed in 1987?
11. U.S. Marine Guards at the U.S. Embassy in this City were accused of espionage. Which City was this?
12. E.F. Adams was elected Prime Minister of this Mediterranean Country in 1987. Which Country was this?
13. This Central American Leader was indicted by a U.S. Court in drug smuggling charges in 1988. Who was this man?
14. In which Country was Lt. Colonel William Higgins kidnapped by Islamic terrorists in 1988?
15. This U.S. Ship mistakingly shot down an Iranian airliner over the Persian Gulf causing 290 casualties. What was the name the Ship?

Answers to The 1980s

1. Mozambique. Following the death of Samora Machel in a plane accident.
2. General Motors.
3. Albuquerque
4. Openness and reconstruction.
5. Syria
6. Contra Rebels in Nicaragua.
7. The USS Stark.
8. Mathias Rust. A German teenager. He was jailed for four years, but freed in 1988.
9. To celebrate the 750th Anniversary of the Foundation of the City.
10. Punjab in an effort to weaken Sikh terrorism.
11. Moscow. They were accused of spying for the KGB.
12. Malta. He represented the Nationalist Party.
13. General Manuel Noriega.
14. Lebanon
15. The USS Vincennes.

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