Sunday, January 20, 2008

Latin American Quiz

1. This Peruvian civilization was famous for its large designs in the sand using pebbles. The largest design is a bird that is 275m long. Who were these people?
2. This Inca ruler was kidnapped by the men of Francisco Pizarro. He was later garotted. His death would bring speed up the downfall of the Inca. Who was this man?
3. Many people believe that this civilization was behind the legends of Eldorado. Beginning with a letter 'C', these people lived in the Colombian Highlands until they were destroyed by the Spanish in the 16th Century. Who were these people?
4. The Tihuanaco civilization lasted between 800 BC and 1200 AD, its main city was situated near this famous South American Lake in Bolivia. Which Lake was this?
5. This vegetable had been cultivated by the Andean Indians since c. 200 AD. Which vegetable was this?
6. For which god did the Aztecs mistake Hernando Cortes for?
7. This civilizations' Golden Era lasted from AD 250 to AD 900. They lived in Southern Mexico, Guatemala and parts of Belize. Who were they?
8. Who was the Aztec Chief God and God of Matter?
9. Fifteen thousand men were sacrificed to this Aztec Sun God. Who was he?
10. What is the modern name of the City 'Tenochtitlan'?
11. This Ancient Middle American culture dominated the coastal plains between 1200 BC to 400 BC. Their name is the Nahuatl Indian word for ‘inhabitant of rubber country’. Who were they?
12. This warrior culture was based at the City of Tollan. They ruled Central Mexico between 900 to 1200 AD. Their civilization seems to have been created from several ethnic groups. Who were they?
13. What was Tlachtli?
14. This South American civilization called gold ‘the sweat of the sun’ and silver as the ‘tears of the moon’. Who were they?
15. This ‘last’outpost of the Mayan civilization was built in the Yucatan Peninsula. The city had two wells, also known as 'cenotes'. The citizens drank from one well and used the other for sacrifice. Name this city?

Answers to Latin American History I

1. The Nazca.
2. Atahualpa
3. The Chibcha.
4. Lake Titicaca.
5. The potato.
6. Quetzcoatl
7. The Mayans. They were also brilliant astronomers and Mathematicians.
8. Tezcatlipoca
9. Huitzilopochtli
10. Mexico City. It was founded by the Aztecs in AD 1200.
11. The Olmec.
12. The Toltec.
13. An Aztec game with similarities to volleyball and basketball.
14. The Incas.
15. Chichén Itzá.

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