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Ancient Greece Quiz - Early Period

Ancient Greece - The Early Period

1. What island was the home of the Minoan civilization?
2. Give or take a century each side, between which centuries did the Minoan Civilization exist?
3. What was its most well-known city?
4. Which British archaeologist excavated this city?
5. Who was the Minoan’s most prominent king?
6. The eruption of which volcano destroyed much of the Minoan civilization?
7. What unusual (for its’ times) gender power structure was inherent in Minoan civilization?
8. On which island was the Arthritiki Civilization located?
9. Which civilization succeeded the Minoans as the dominant power in the Aegean?
10. Who was the most famous queen of this civilization mentioned in 8?
11. Which archaeologist excavated the ruins of the civilization mentioned in 8, in the Northern Pelopenese?
12. Who were the Bronze Age invaders who overran Greece from the North?
13. What handicap is the bard Homer alleged to have suffered from?
14. Who is considered the first writer of Ancient Greece?
15. In what Ancient kingdom was the City of Troy located?

Answers to Ancient Greece The Early Period

1. Crete – The Minoans were a proud seafaring race of possible Middle-East origin.
2. 1500-900 BC.
3. Knossus
4. Sir Arthur Evans.
5. King Minos - Father of the famed Minotaur.
6. Stromboli
7. The women were the individuals who controlled the land.
8. San Torini. I visited these ruins in 1991 and recommend those on a trip to San Torini do the same.
9. Mycenae
10. Clytamenstra – She has a beautiful beehive tomb located in the North-East Pelopenese.
11. Heinrich Schlieman – The same man who excavated Troy.
12. The Doric Greeks.
13. Blindness – Some people argue that Homer was not one person but several different authors.
14. Hesiod
15. Thrace – A nation renowned for its sword fighters.

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