Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ancient Egypt Quiz #3

Ancient Egypt III

1. What were the names of the two store cities the Hebrews built?
2. How many pharoahs were called Ramases (to the nearest 2)?
3. What domestic animal was held up as sacred by the Ancient Egyptians?
4. Who was the God of the Nile?
5. Who was his wife?
6. During which Dynasty were the Great Pyramids built?
7. What did Ramses II three last wives have in common with respect to their burial?
8. Which European country was responsible for establishing an Egyptian Dynasty?
9. Which kingdom ruled Egypt during the 7th Century BC?
10. Who was the last ruler of Egypt?
11. Which people dominated Egypt between the Middle and New Kingdom?
12. How did Cleopatra die?
13. What disease identified from mummy investigations is thought to have caused high death rates in Ancient Egypt?
14. Who were the Hyksos?
15. To which entity was Ra united with in later Egyptian mythology?

Answers to Ancient Egypt III

1. Pithom and Ramases.
2. 12
3. The cat.
4. Osiris
5. Isis
6. 4th Dynasty.
7. They were all buried in the Valley of the Queens.
8. Greece -Ptolemaic dynasty. Ptolemy was one of Alexander the Great’s generals.
9. The Saite Kingdom.
10. Cleopatra
11. Libyans
12. She allowed herself to be bitten by an asp (a type of snake) in order to commit suicide.
13. Tuberculosis
14. An invader race who dominated Egypt during the period between the Old and Middle Kingdoms.
15. Ammon to create Ammon-Ra.

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