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100 Great Military Figures

In order:
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Name-Description-Key Wars/Campaigns

1. Alexander the Great - Macedonian/Greek king. Persian Wars and the Alexandrian drive for Empire in the 4th century BC.

2. Napoleon Bonaparte - French Emperor. Napoleonic Wars late 18th century to 1815.

3. Julius Caesar - Roman General. Roman Wars against the Barbarians in particular the Gallic Wars.

4. Tamerlane - Tatar leader. Tatar conquests of the 14th and 15th centuries.

5. John Churchill - aka Duke of Marlborough. English general in War of the Spanish Succession.

6. Sun Tzu - Chinese Philosopher. Wrote the Art of War. A timeless bible on warfare strategy.

7. Genghis Khan - Mongol leader. Mongol conquests 12th and 13th century.

8. Karl Clausewitz - Prussian General and influential military theorist.

9. Erwin Rommel - German General. North African Campaign of World War II.

10. Saladin - Kurdish Warrior. War of the Crusades. Led Muslim resistance.

11. Lord Nelson - British Admiral during the Napoleonic Wars.

12. Richard the Lionheart - English king. 3rd Crusade.

13. Heinz Guaderain - German General. Second World War. Proponent of the Blitzkrieg.

14. Frederick the Great - Prussian king. War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War.

15. Helmuth von Moltke - German General and master strategist. World War I.

16. Gustavus Adolphus - Swedish king. The Thirty Years War.

17. Ariel Sharon - Israeli General. Yom Kippur War.

18. Marshal Zhukov - Russian General. Second World War.

19. George Washington - American Revolution.

20. Peter the Great - Russian Tsar. Northern Wars between Russia and Sweden.

21. Robert Clive - British general led conquest of India.

22. Shaka Zulu - Zulu Chief. Wars leading to the formation of the Zulu Empire.

23. Justinian the Great - Byzantine Emperor led campaigns against the Vandals and Barbarians.

24. Hannibal - Leader of Carthage. Second Punic War against Rome.

25. David - Hebrew King. Campaigns against the Philistines.

26. Scipio Africanus - Roman General. Second Punic War against Carthage.

27. Edward I - English king. Crusades and the war against the Scots and the Welsh.

28. Menelik - Abyssinian leader. Defeated Italians at Adowa in 1896.

29. Douglas MacArthur - American general. Second World War (Far East Campaign) and the Korean War.

30. Charlemagne - French king. Wars against the Moors and other 'pagan' forces in creating a French super state.

31. Prince Eugene of Savoy - Austrian General. War of the Spanish Succession.

31A. Francis Drake - English Naval figure/pirate. Shipping Wars against Spain.

32. Atilla the Hun - Terrorizing of Europe toward the end of the West Roman Empire.

33. Robert the Bruce - Scottish King. War against the English in the 13th century.

34. General Giap - North Vietnamese General. Vietnam War.

35. William Sherman - American Union General. American Civil War.

36. Moshe Dayan - Israeli General. Six Day War (1967)

37. Earl Kitchener - British/Irish Field Marshal. Campaigns against the Mahdi in Sudan.

38. Sulamein the Magnificent - Wars for the Expansion of the Ottoman Empire.

39. Paul von Hindenburg - German General . World War I.

40. Lysander - Spartan Naval Commander during Pelopennesian Wars.

41. George Patton - American General. World War II.

42. Chi Huanghdi - Chinese Emperor started dynasty after which the country is named. Campaigns against the Barbarians in the 3rd century BC.

43. Louis IX - French king. Crusades and the War against the English.

44. Mikhail Kutuzov - Russian Field marshal. War against the Turks and the Napoleonic wars.

45. Oliver Cromwell - English general/politician. Lead forces of Parliament in English Civil War - 17th century.

46. Fabianus - Roman General. Pioneered delaying strategy during Second Punic War.

47. Stonewell Jackson - US Confederate General. American Civil War.

48. Pompey - Roman General. Defeated Spartacus, Mithridates VI and the Marians in the 1st century BC.

49. Mosheshoe - Basuto king. Father of Lesotho. Wars against the British and the Boers.

50. Mikhail Tukachevsky - Russian General. War of the Reds and the Whites. War against Poland.

51. Henry V - Holy Roman Empire. Wars against the French and Protestant forces.

52. Philip of Macedonia - Wars for the Unification of Greece.

53. Geronimo - Apache leader. Waged war against internment on reservation in the

54. Arthur Wellesley - British/Irish General aka Duke of Wellington. Peninsular War and the Napoleonic Wars.

55. Joshua - Hebrew leader. Conquest of Canaan.

56. Hernando Cortes - Spanish soldier. Defeat of the Aztecs.

57. William the Conqueror - Norman king. Invasion of England in 1066.

58. Jan Smuts - South African general. Boer War. Important figure in World War I and World War II allied planning.

59. Robert E. Lee - Confederate General. American Civil War.

60. Marshal Blucher - Prussian General during Napoleonic War.

61. Dwight D. Eisenhower - American Supreme Allied Commander. World War II.

62. Marshal Radetsky - Austrian General. Revolutions of 1948-49.

63. Otto the Great - King of the Germans. War against the 'pagans' in the 10th century BC.

64. Count Bernadotte - French/Swedish General/King. Napoleonic War.

65. Mao Zedong - Chinese Communist leader. War against Japan (WWII) and the fight against the Nationalists.

66. Francisco Pissaro - Spanish conquistador. Conquest of the Inca.

67. Henry of Navarre - French King. War of the Three Henrys.

68. Robert Blake - English Admiral. Anglo-Dutch Wars.

69. Ho Chi Minh - Vietnamese leader. Wars against the Japanese, French and Americans.

70. Akbar - Mughal Emperor. Conquest of India the 16th century.

71. Hulagu - Mongol warlord. Grandson of Genghis Khan. Led drives that exterminated the Assassin sect. Waged War against the Arabs and Persia.

72. Albrecht Wallenstein - Austrian General. Thirty Years War.

73. Charles XII - Swedish King. Northern European Wars.

74. Maarten Tromp - Dutch Admiral. Anglo-Dutch Wars.

75. General John J. Pershing - US General. World War I.

76. Alphonso VIII. - Spanish King. Wars against the Moors.

77. Simon Bolivar - South American revolutionary. War of Liberation against Spain.

78. Louis Faidherbe - French General. West African campaigns in the 19th century.

79. Babar - Mughal Emperor. Wars for Empire Expansion.

80. Cyrus the Great - Persian king. War against the Babylonians.

81. Erich von Luddendorf - German General. World War I.

82. Marshal Tito - Yugoslav Partisan leader - World War II.

83. Alfred Von Tirpitz - German Admiral. World War I.

84. Bernardo O' Higgins - Chilean Revolutionary. Chilean War of Independence.

85. John Paul Jones - American Admiral. American Revolution.

86. Harun Al Rashid - Arab leader. Wars of Arab Conquest.

87. Jahangir - Mughal Emperor. Wars of Mughal Expansion.

88. Jose de San Martin - South American Revolutionary. War of Independence from Spain.

89. Ulysses Grant - Union General. American Civil War.

90. Ferenc Rákóczi II - Hungarian prince. Led revolts against Austrians in 18th century.

91. General Wolfe - British General. Seven Years War - north American campaign.

82. Frederick I Barbarossa - German King. Crusader wars.

93. Darius I - Persian Emperor. Greek-Persian Wars.

94. Gerd Von Runstedt - German general. World War II.

95. Ferdinand Foch - French military leader. World War I.

96. Murad I - Ottoman sultan. Wars of Ottoman expansion - 14th century.

97. Ahmad Shah - Central Asian Warlord. Wars of Afghani expansion - 18th century.

98.Nebuchadnezzer II -Babylonian King. Drove Babylonian expansion. Captured Jerusalem.

99. Bayezid I - Ottoman sultan. Led Ottoman advances into Eastern Europe


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