Thursday, April 5, 2007

School of Philosophy Quiz

Philosophy - Schools of Thought

From the descriptions supplied, give the school of thought that would be most associated with this doctrine:

1. Virtue is a mean or a middle way between opposing extremes.
2. Everything is open to doubt.
3. The events of our lives are determined.
4. Virtue is the only aim in life. A virtuous man will always achieve happiness regardless of his circumstance.
5. Good involves creating the most happiness for the most number of people.
6. All knowledge is derived from sensory experience.
7. Good is pleasure and that evil is pain.
8. All belief in the supernatural must be rejected.
9. The strength of an idea lies in its practical consequence.
10. Reason is the only source of knowledge.
11. The world has no absolute meaning; we are therefore free to make choices provide we accept the consequences.
12. History is a struggle between opposing economic forces.
13. Matter is an illusion; reality is that which exists mentally.
14. Self-sufficiency is the best way of achieving happiness. Mankind should be scorned for anything else.
15. Knowledge is a product of sense-experience. Observations must be governed by Scientific methods.

Answers to Philiosophy Schools of Thought

1. Aristotlelianism
2. Sceptism
3. Predestination
4. Stoicism
5. Utilitarianism
6. Empiricism
7. Epicureanism (although in moderation of course).
8. Humanism
9. Pragmatism
10. Rationalism
11. Existentialism
12. Dialetic Materialism (aka Marxism).
13. Idealism
14. Cynacism
15. Logical Positivism.

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