Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bruneval Raid

The Bruneval Raid is a little known but important event of World War Two. Known also as Operation Biting the Raid occurred on the 27th-28th February 1942 and involved the attack and neutralization of German radar installation at Bruneval (Northern France).
A company of airborne troops led by Major John Frost parachuted into France at a distance of several miles from the site with the intention of dismantling the W├╝rzburg radar set, seizing the technology intact and returning home safely to the UK.
While there were several casualties on the Allied side (two killed, six wounded and six caprtured) the raid is regarded as a success. The equipment was brought back to the UK along with a German radar technician and the intelligence gained in understanding Germany’s early warning radar system would prove invaluable in future assault missions such as that of Operation Overlord.
In addition it showed the effectiveness of elite parachute airborne strategy in inflicting direct harm on the enemy.

See Bruneval Raid

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