Saturday, September 13, 2014

Great Society

While I admire Lyndon Johnson for his efforts in pushing through many of the important Civil Rights decisions in the US, his Great Society Vision has proven to be a disaster. Even with hindsight this is no surprise. At the core of the Great Society (GS) are values that are the antithesis to the fibre of what made the US exceptional and ultimately successful: individualism and self-reliance. The Great Society sought to redress the evils of the past by introducing group based discriminatory affirmative action programs, it also overextended the reach of government fostering a dependency that has been particularly hurtful to African-American communities. The rioting at Ferguson is a symptom of this failure, a more significant disaster has been the bankruptcy of Detroit and the financial collapse of municipalities controlled by snake oil salesmen from the Democrat Party, who see any deviation from the excesses of GS as racist. This is a modern day tragedy need and abetted by white liberals who can't see beyond their apparent guilt and continue to buy into a destructive narrative.

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