Thursday, January 22, 2009


Other than Barack Obama here is a list (in my opinion) of the 40+ Most Influential African-Americans of All-Time
Martin Luther King - Clergyman and Civil rights Leader. Won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Rosa Parkes - Civil Rights figure. Actions led to Selma bus boycott.
Thurgood Marshall - First Black American to sit on US Supreme Court.
Louis Armstrong - Pioneering Jazz Musician.
Muhammed Ali - Greatest Boxer of All Time.
Harriet Tubman - Founder of Underground Railroad.
WEB Du Bois - Civil Rights Advocate.
George Washington Carver - Scientist.
Frederick Douglass - Writer, Abolitionist and Political philosopher.
Colin Powell - General and Secretary of State . First Black American to head US Armed forces.
Coretta Scott King - Civil Rights advocate.
George Washington Carver - Scientist. Specialized in Agricultural problems.
Malcolm X - African-American nationalist leader.
Benjamin Banneker - Mathematician and Astronomer.
Ralph Ellison - Author. Wrote the Invisible Man.
James Baldwin - Author. Wrote Go Tell it on the Monuntains.
Jackie Robinson - Baseball Player. First Black American to play in the Major Leagues.
Marcus Garvey - Founder of the Back to Africa Movement.
Medger Evers - Civil Rights Leader.
Jesse Owens - Athlete. Embarrassed Hitler in 1936 Olympic Games.
Nat Turner - Slave Rebellion Leader.
Duke Ellington - Jazz Musician.
Hank Aaron - Baseball's All Time Great.
Oprah Winfrey - Talk Show host and cultural phenomenon.
Maya Angelou - Writer/Poet. Wrote I know why the Caged Bird Sings.
Alex Haley - Author. Wrote the novel Roots.
Andrew Young - Politician. Former US representative to the UN.
Asa Randolph - Labour and Civil Rights Leader. Formed the first African-American trade union known as the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.
Michael Jordan - Greatest Basketball player of All Time.
Jessie Jackson - Civil Rights leader. Former presidential candidate.
Ralph Abernethy - Clergyman and Civil Rights leader.
Arthur Ashe - Tennis great and civil rights advocate.
Toni Morrison - Nobel Prize Winner. Author. Wrote Song of Solomon.
Black Panthers (Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and gang) - Political Activists.
Jim Brown - Greatest Football star of All-Time.
Ralph Bunche - Diplomat. Nobel Peace Prize winner.
Tiger Woods - Golfing sensation. Maybe the greatest Golfer of All Time.
Chuck Berry - Rock Musician.
Whitney Young - social reformer. Wrote To Be Equal and Beyond Racism.
Bill Cosby - Comedian.


Ladyjay said...

What about Michael Jackson. I know he has been a disgrace the last ten years ( innocent until proven quilty, but if it wasn't for him and the thiller album it would not be a MTV or this channel would not be that famous. Entertainer would not have been watched BET would have never existed. This form of entertainment was made famous by Michael Jackson, believe it or not

G.H.Kanowitz said...

You make a good point...I seem to have overlooked MJ..warts and all.