Wednesday, July 2, 2008

An Alternative Early History of WWII

1940 – Hitler order Panzer division to attack British Troops at Dunkirk. A German victory sees the surrender of the BEF (British Expeditionary Force). Germans initiate Operation Sea Lion – the invasion of the UK.

October 1940 - Pro-German groups in the US urge Roosevelt to cut ties with the UK. He refuses.

December 1940 – Germans invade Britain. Italy with Arab support strike at British possessions in North Africa.

January 1941 – German forces land in Kent. They encounter stiff resistance from English Home guard but advance to London.

February 1941 – London falls to German troops. US pledges to support British government. Oswald Mosely is put in charge of pro-Nazi puppet government. Churchill chosen to head what is left of the British government. He will organize resistance to Germany from base in Northern town of Oldham.

March 1941 – Persecution of British Jews in the London area begins. Oswald Mosely is assassinated by a British resistance figure. Germans pound Oldham, Manchester and Liverpool demanding the surrender of Churchill’s government. Scottish forces and Geordie irregulars beat back a German tank advance.

April 1941 – Roosevelt fails to win Congressional support for a US Expeditionary force to help out the Brits. Birmingham and Coventry now under German control.

May 1941 – American ‘Firsters’ demand a presidential recall of Roosevelt. To which they succeed. Roosevelt chastised for ‘backing a sinking ship’. Republicans win recall vote. Roosevelt government collapses. ? elected President. John Foster Dulles chosen as secretary of state. US in crisis. Dulles negotiates anti-communist pact with Germans. Offers to withdraw US support for Churchill-led British government in exchange for American involvement in the new German order.

Germans launch a sea attack onto Scotland from bases in Norway. Scotland falls in mid June (Surrender of Glasgow).

July 1941 – Churchill’s government falls. Germans now in control of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Northumbria. Churchill flees to South Africa where he is greeted by Smuts. He will eventually settle in New Zealand.

October 1941 – Spain joins war effort on the side of the Axis. Franco’s presence in North Africa takes pressure off German troops in the region.

November 1941 – Ukrainian revolts (encouraged by the Germans) are savagely put down by the Stalinist regime.

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