Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ancient Greece Quiz - Alpha

1. Which people could vote in Ancient Athens?
2. Who is considered the Father of History?
3. Which important war is he known for documenting?
4. Give or take 10 years, when did the Battle of Marathon take place?
5. What was the name of the runner who ran the distance to tell the Greeks of their victory at Marathon?
6. Name two of the four buildings that sit on top of the Acropolis?
7. What were the names of the three column structures that are ever present in Greek architecture?
8. Which is the simplest of these three column structure types?
9. Which battle did the Greeks lose as a result of betrayal within their ranks?
10. To which island did the Greek leadership flee to after this defeat?
11. What was the name of the famous sea battle the Greeks defeated the Persians in?
12. Which Persian king watched this battle from the shore?
13. Who was Greece’s 5th Century philosopher king?
14. Who were the two biographers of Socrates?
15. What is the origin of the word “Academy?”

Answers to Ancient Greece II

1. Property holding free men.
2. Herodotus
3. The Persian Wars.
4. 490 BC
5. Phidippides – Don’t ask me what his time was?
6. Parthenon, Propylea, Temple of Athena at Nike, Erictheum.
7. Doric, Ionian, Corinthian.
8. Doric
9. Thermopylae
10. Aegina
11. Salamis - probably one of the greatest sea battles ever.
12. Xerxes I – History’s most important person in the “X category.”
13. Pericles
14. Plato and Xenophon.
15. It is derived from Plato’s philosophy School: Academicus.

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