Sunday, November 4, 2007

1980s Quiz

1. An airliner belonging to which Country was shot over the Soviet Union in 1983?
2. This Prime Minister of Grenada was killed in a military coup. U.S. troops would then invade the island and institute military rule. Which Prime Minister was this?
3. At which USAF base in the UK did female peace campaigners initiate a permanent picket in 1983?
4. This man succeeded Menachem Begin as Prime Minister of Israel in 1983. Who was he?
5. A Philippine Opposition Leader, this man was shot at Manila Airport after flying home. Who was he?
6. This Nazi war criminal was put on trial in Lyon following extradition in Bolivia. Who was he?
7. This Country became an independent sultanate in 1984 and the 159th member of the United Nations. Which Country was this?
8. Which Temple did Sikh extremists occupy in Amritsar in 1984?
9. In which British City did an IRA bomb kill five people and injure 32 in 1984?
10. To which countries’ cabinet were the Rev. Allen Hendrickse and Amichand Rajbansi appointed in 1984?
11. What was the only state won by Walter Mondale in the 1984 Presidential Election?
12. Operation Moses was carried out to bring Jews from this Country to Israel. Which Country was this?
13. This Priest and Solidarity Supporter was beaten to death by the Secret Police in 1984. Who was he?
14. This man succeeded Yuri Andropov as General Secretary of the USSR. Who was he?
15. The UK and China agreed in 1984 that Hong Kong would be handed over to China in which year?

Answers to The 1980s (III)
1. South Korea. Two hundred and sixty nine people on board were killed.
2. Maurice Bishop.
3. Greenham Common.
4. Yitzhak Shamir.
5. Benigno Aquino.
6. Klaus Barbie.
7. Brunei
8. The Golden Temple. Two hundred and fifty deaths occurred during the course of events which resulted in its recapture by the Indian Army. Many Sikh members of the Army would mutiny to protest the Government’s action.
9. Brighton, during the Conservative Party Conference.
10. The South African Cabinet of President PW Botha. They were the first two non-white men to reach this position.
11. Minnesota, his home State.
12. Ethiopia
13. Father Jerzy Popieluzko.
14. Konstantin Chernenko.
15. 1997

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