Friday, August 31, 2007

History Super Lecture - Part Three

Hour 13

The Early Reformation: Wycliffe, Hus
Martin Luther at Wittenberg - Coucil of Worms
Ultich Zwingli and John Calvin Council of Trent
Counter Reformation - Jesuits
Religious Wars - Charles V (and the Holy Roman Empire)

Hour 14

Unification of Spain. Expulsion of the Jews
The Dutch Revolt - Rise of the House of Orange
Henry VIII breaks from the Catholic Church.
Reformation in England.

Hour 15

The Elizabethan Era in England
The War of the Henry's in France
Fall of the Incas and Aztercs - Cortes and Pizzaro
Spanish Settlements in the Americas
The Race to India
The Decline of Spain

Hour 16

The Booming Dutch Economy
The reign of James I
Gunpowder Plot
Richelieu and Mazzarin in France
Olivares in Spain
English Civil War
Ivan the Terrible in Russia
English settlement of the Americas
Battle of Lepanto - Decline of Ottoman Empire

Hour 17

Restoration of the Stuarts
Mercantilism - Colbert
The Early Colonial Movement
The Rise of Britain
Prussia - Standing Army
The Quiet Revolution
The Exploration Drive Continued
Wars of Louis XIV includes War of the Spanish Succession

Hour 18

The Engligtenment - Locke, Hume, Berkley, Spinoza, Descartes, Voltaire, Rousseau etc.
Passing of Power to Parliament in England
Wars of the Austrian Succesion, Minor Conflicts, Seven Years War
Peter the Great modernizes Russia - Conflicts with Turks and Swedes
Frederick the Great
Marie Theresa

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