Monday, July 16, 2007

Ancient Egypt Quiz #2

Ancient Egypt II

1. Which Egyptian Goddess is depicted by a cow?
2. Which pharoah introduced monotheism to Egypt?
3. Who was his Queen?
4. Who was the son God?
5. Between which centuries did the Middle Kingdom exist?
6. Name the three most prominent cities during the period of the Middle Kingdom?
7. Under which pharoah was polytheism introduced into Egypt?
8. Which pharoah was likened by later historians to an Egyptian Napoleon?
9. Who was the mother of this pharoah?
10. Who was the Egyptian bull god?
11. Who according to mythology was creator of all the pharoahs?
12. Which people were Ramases II’s greatest enemy?
13. At which battle did Ramases II record his greatest victory over this enemy?
14. Which Englishman discovered Tut’s tomb?
15. What area of Egypt did the Hebrews reside in before the exodus?

Answers to Ancient Egypt II

1. Hathor
2. Akhaenton
3. Nephretiti
4. Ra
5. 18th to the 20th Century BC.
6. Thebes, Memphis and Luxor.
7. Tutankhamen
8. Ramases II.
9. Hatshepsut
10. Serapis
11. Ptah
12. Hittites
13. Battle of Kadesh.
14. Howard Carter.
15. Goshen

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