Monday, May 28, 2007

7 Quick Facts on the Phoenicians

1. The were the Ancient inhabitants of Lebanon. The Phoenicians were probably the most commercially astute people of the Ancient World.

2. They developed a purple dye which was a big hit for monarchs around the Mediterranean who needed the colour for their tunics.

3. Carthage in North Africa was a Phoenician colony. It was the same Carthage that battled Rome for supremacy in the Middle East.

4. They had a few kings called Hiram. One of whom helped supply the cedar trees for King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem.

5. Their Main cities were Sidon and Tyre. Both of which still exist in Lebanon today.

6. They developed an early alphabet that influenced the Greeks. Not bad for a people who were more known for their sea trading exploits than anything else.

7. They were not a major power but did set up colonies in Spain, North Africa and Cyprus that enhanced their reach.


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